Upcoming Events…

February 3 is the APDT Dance Show in Austin.  Shows are 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. Seniors will be recognized and this is an awesome show!

February 4 is DAVID’s 20th birthday! WOW!  Also, Pam will be speaking at Emmaus Lutheran Church in Bloomington that day, about VVMI.  Incidentally, check out this great website: vvmi.org

February 10 is the dance SECTION tournament in Faribault.  This determines which three teams go on to the State Tournamnet.

IF the ADPT makes it, the STATE Tournament is Feb 16-17 at the Excel Center.  If they do NOT make it to State, Sara will be singing in the All-State Choir concert at Orchestra Hall on Saturday Feb 17.

February 27 is JACOB’s 15th birthday!

Looking ahead to MARCH:

1-AHS Winter Concert 7:00 pm (Sara)

6-AHS Prep Winter Concert 7:00 pm (Jacob)

20- Grandpa Jack’s birthday!

21- Sara leaves for San Antonio; Orchestra Trip

23- Jacob leaves for Washington, D.C.

I’ll put April and May events in later, but save MAY 27th for Sara’s GRADUATION OPEN HOUSE!