4 thoughts on “Pictures!

  1. ajax64

    Greatings from Sweden to all of You. Nice pictures. Right now Steve and Susan is Staying at my apartment. Hope You are all well. We are. We finally gor the snow and the cold beatiful winter. And ofcours we do play bandy 🙂 /ajax

  2. Pam

    Please greet Suzy and Steve and all of your family! We finally have snow here, also, and it is very cold. Tonight it is supposed to go below zero degrees. Jacob loves the snow and likes to snowboard. Do your boys do that at the ski hill in Rattvik?
    Have a fun week!

  3. Jennie

    Such good pictures! What a good looking bunch of kids. I sound like a jolly ol’ grandma when I say that! 😉
    Miss all of you! Hopefully I’ll see you sooner than later! Maybe in April/May? In time for Sara’s graduation? Hmm…

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