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Knowing God Through His Word … Day by Day

D. A. Carson‘s 2-volume “For the Love of God” was very influential in my life. In those volumes, Dr. Carson provided a commentary on one of four Bible passages in the M’Cheyne reading plan.  After using that resource for a number of years, I began to search commentaries and sermons to help me understand difficult passages that I encountered. I started this site in January of 2009, never expecting to gain a wide following. This online resource will help you read the Bible through in a year…and get to know GOD in the process! Each day of the year, there will be 4 Bible passage posts….one for each assigned reading for the day. You may download bookmarks to place in your Bible, or you may read the passages here. Additionally, there will be posts with related devotionals. Most days, I post a quote from one of my favorite authors or speakers. I include contemporary preachers and authors, but especially love the old.