Big Transition Ahead….

The Larsons are in the midst of one of the biggest transitions in our lives….here is the letter that Barry sent out to his patients a few weeks ago:

A very good and gracious God led me and my family to Austin almost 22 years ago and blessed me with the opportunity to work at the Austin Medical Center in a great community.  The largest part of that blessing is each of you, the people I have been honored to know and serve.

In easily the most difficult crossroads of my life to date, I have made the decision to bring to a close my practice at AMC effective this spring.  While many factors of necessity enter into such a decision, primary is changes in my family and the desire to be closer to them in the northern Twin Cities area as they, and I, grow older. 

Words cannot adequately express how much each of you mean to me and indeed how privileged I have been to be a part of your lives.  The trust and patience you have shown, the laughter as well as the tears we have shared are all a part of the precious memories I take with me.  You all helped this kid doctor grow up and were the best teachers I could have had.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I will be joining a somewhat more limited geriatric focused practice in North Minneapolis called Geriatrics Services of Minnesota.  It will be a definite change and new challenge in many ways I am sure.

Thank you for your understanding and I ask for your prayers for me and my family in this transition time.  Thanks for your support of Austin Medical Center and Mayo Health System going forward- your care is in good hands. 

So, there it is! We made this decision with much prayer, and are trusting that God will guide us in the steps ahead.  Barry’s last day at AMC will be May 14, and he will begin his new practice on May 24.  We have begun the process of down-sizing, packing up and sprucing up our home in Austin for a sale after Jacob graduates.  We have also signed a purchase agreement on a new townhome on the New Brighton-Mounds View border. The closing date is set for May 21st, so hopefully we can have a few things moved in there before Barry starts his new job.  There will be a lot of driving back and forth this spring and summer!

We would sure appreciate your prayers for us in this huge transition in our lives!

12 thoughts on “Big Transition Ahead….

  1. Lee Aase

    We’re going to miss you, but completely understand. Seems like a great opportunity, especially with all the kids being out of town now.

    1. pamlarson Post author

      Lisa and I are talking about how to handle the VVMI mail stuff, and considering a lunch date in Faribault periodically. I may ask if you can help her learn to scan stuff so I can get it via email…

  2. Lori Bendickson

    Hi Pam,

    Excited for you and Barry and your new transition. Haven’t had a chance to visit with you since I found out about your move. Scott will miss Barry very much as his doctor, and I will miss you for many reasons. You are a wonderful, giving couple. We wish you the best.

    You are moving to the school district that I taught in when we lived in the cities. I worked at both Chippewa Middle School in Shoreview and New Brighton’s Middle School, but I don’t remember what that one was called. Both are part of Mounds View School District.

    Hope to see you some before you move. Ashley’s looking forward to you being closer to her at college.

    Good luck with everything.


    1. pamlarson Post author

      We are excited, but will also miss SO many wonderful people here in Austin! I will love being closer to the girls, and I think Bekah is moving up there for the next school year, too. Maybe we can go for a walk around the Mill Pond some afternoon?

  3. Gail Dennison

    Pam and Barry- I am so excited for you and your family as you make this change….it will be a wonderful time to move and grow and blossom as your children do as well. God loves change and growth and expansion…I will be praying for you all and hope to see you before you leave ;-D I will miss you!

  4. nettie

    i have really appeciated reading your thoughts and sharings about your move. blesSINGS as you celebrate Jake’s senior year and your Austin connections. always love seein you!

  5. Don Nemcek

    Let me know how I and my family can help. I have a 25 year old son I can enlist in the effort if that would help. Laura and I are willing to help in any way possible. Just let me know.

  6. Donna De For

    Wow! That’s big news! I’m happy that you will be closer to your kids, but I know many, many people will be missing you in Austin. God bless you in your move.

  7. Michelle Larson

    Hi Pam,

    You are moving practically into our neighborhood. My mom was excited to hear that you are moving so close. We’ll have to have you over for dinner when you get settled.

    If you need any help on this end let me or my parents know. I have many friends I might be able to enlist to help you out.

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