Miss Minnesota Week! Send Sara a note…

SaraPC (2)Sara is spending this week (June 14-June 20) with all of the other contestants for Miss Minnesota, at a hotel near the Mall of America.  If you would like to send her a note of encouragement, gift or flowers, here is the information you need:


ATTN: Miss MN Contestant- Sara Larson

3 Appletree Square

Bloomington, MN 55425


Please be in prayer for Sara, as this week is very busy with appearances all over the Twin Cities, rehearsals and just the overall pressures of getting ready for the preliminary competition on Friday night, June 19 at 7:00 pm and the FINAL night of the pageant, which is Saturday, June 20 at 7:00 pm at Eden Prairie Performing Arts Center.  

Tickets are available at the door for $30, but I  have  a few extras here, so call me or send me a message if you would like to purchase one of the extras that I have. (The benefit is that you would be in a section of “Sara-supporters, cheering!”)

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  1. Kathy Shellum


    You know your TC-CC Committee loves you and are very proud of you!!! Go for it!!!

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